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AP Coordinator Responsibilities

Matching (Reconciling) Student Payments to the CB AP Exam Order


School staff must match their students' payments to the College Board's (CB) AP exam order.

  • Ensure every student has the correct exams ordered
  • Ensure all students pay their financial obligation for the exams ordered
  • Ensure students qualified for a reduced fee are marked correctly in CB to lower AP Invoice


School staff keeps track of student payments using various tools, most of which do not allow auto-reconciling with the CB's exam order. Many schools will print out a list of their payments from their accounting system and print their Student Roster from the College Board's system. Staff will then compare these two reports name-by-name, line-by-line, and note any student that has:

  • Exam ordered but student not paid
  • Student paid but exam not ordered
  • Paid for a different number of exams than they ordered

Schools then communicate with the students who have the above issues to resolve these before ordering exams, and students sit for exams. Unfortunately, history has proven that it is difficult to collect payments for exams after exams have been administered.

Schools will also compare the students' fee reduction status in CB to their records for students. Schools will edit students' status in CB systems if there is a discrepancy ensuring that CB invoices the schools properly for students who receive fee reductions. Failure to do this results in schools receiving considerably larger AP invoices.

  • Very time consuming
  • Potential for human error
  • Same amount of time to reconcile a second time


Total Registration (TR) recognizes how time-consuming it is to match reports by hand, student-by-student, so TR created a utility that automates this reconciliation process. Schools download their Student Exam Roster from CB's system and then upload this file into TR's Reconciliation Utility.

A Better Way
  • Automated using the Student Roster
  • Saves significant staff time
  • Greatly reduces human error
  • Communicate Issues to student at a click of a button

The system automatically matches students at the click of a button (using multiple criteria: First Name, Last Name, Student ID, Email Address) and places students in one of several categories:

  • Students whose exams completely match across systems
  • This table typically contains the majority of students and does not require any further action. Here's an example of this table from TR:

    Students Fully Matched

  • Students that have been matched across systems, but their exams or the fee reduction status do not match
  • These students have either more exams in TR than CB, more exams in CB than TR, or their fee reduction status does not match in the two systems. Here's an example of what this looks like in TR:

    Students Partially Matched

    Schools can use the discrepancies with the fee reductions status (FR-TR and FR-CB) to edit the student's fee reduction status in CB's system, ensuring that the school is billed the lower reduced fee for these students' exams. At the click of a button, schools can email these students to rectify the issues. Below is an example of an email to the first student on the list above:

    Email to a partially matched student

  • Students enrolled for the exam in CB, not registered (and thus not paid) in TR
  • These students enrolled for their exam in the College Board's system but have not registered in TR and therefore have not paid.

    Enrolled in CB, Not Registered in TR

    At a click of the button, schools can email these students directions on registering and paying for their exams. Below is a sample email to a student:

    Email to a student that still needs to register and pay

  • Students registered in TR, not enrolled for the AP exam in CB
  • These students registered in TR but have not used their join codes to enroll for their exams in CB or did enroll but have not yet indicated in CB that they want to take the exam.

    Registered in TR, Exam not enrolled in CB

    At a click of a button, schools can email these students the exams they need to still enroll in CB and the join codes they need so that the school can order their exams. Below is a sample email to a student:

    Email to a student who registered in TR but still needs to enroll exams in CB

    The reconciliation utility remembers all changes made and can be run at any time, even with a new Student Roster file from CB to identify any issues after new registrations, enrollments, and dropped exams.