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Testimonials From Total Registration Users

THANK YOU. We would NOT have made it through the new fall AP Exam Ordering without you. Period. We knew we could rely on you and you came through. You are reliable, responsive, helpful, and fabulous. We tell everyone we know you use your services.

Darsy Arburn - Oak Ridge High School - El Dorado Hills, CA

I cannot imagine how our school of 2,000 students used to prepare for the AP exams. I am a big fan of TR, and appreciate everything TR does to help minimize the stress of preparing for the exams. I also appreciate the quick response time that I always receive when I have a question.

Fatima Giffen - Palo Alto Senior High School - Palo Alto, CA

Thanks again for all you do! This is a great service and you are a fantastic company!

Jennifer Wander - New Richmond Senior High School - New Richmond, WI

I'll continue to be a TR disciple and try to make the lives of other AP Coordinators easier :).

Thomas Haurum - Johnsburg High School - Johnsburg, IL

TR rocks!!!! Thank you for being a shoulder to lean on in this crazy new process. Your support staff was kind and quick to respond to me even if my questions were crazy! TR made me feel as if I had someone on my side that understood the magnitude of this new process. Unnecessary change is always frustrating and scary, TR helped "talk me off the ledge" many times and I want to thank the TR team for all their hard work and dedication to making this experience as seamless as possible!!

Karla Kennedy - Northville High School - Northville, MI

I could not do this job without you!

Barbara Lehmann - Canton High School - Canton, MI

You folks are the best and I am always happy to share that with anyone who asks. When I have a question for CB, I get an email telling me that someone will read it in the next week and get back to me. When I have a question for TR, I hit send and have a response within 10 minutes... you are top drawer when it comes to customer service. Thank you.

Elizabeth McMillen - South High School - Minneapolis, MN

I appreciate the patience as we all struggled with the new demands made by CB.

Carolyn Spiegel - Unionville High School - Kennett Square, PA

Thank you - I really appreciate the service you provide at an affordable cost.

Keith Chrestay - Seneca Valley High School - Harmony, PA

Thanks for all you do. The financial management is a great help and we constantly recommend you to other schools

Mike Tadeo - Upper Dublin High School - Fort Washington, PA

I'm so glad I learned about Total Registration a few years ago. I feel sorry for schools still doing this process manually. Thanks for everything!

Nancy Chelgren - DuBois Area High School - Du Bois, PA

TR has made my life as a School Counselor so much better as it frees me up to do what I was trained to do; help students and not collect money!

Jill Grosh - Lancaster Catholic High School - Lancaster, PA

Thank you for seeking AP Coordinator feedback and continuously improving this tool.

Debra Richards - Edina High School - Edina, MN

I tell any AP coordinator I meet that they should be using Total Registration (if they are collecting fees). You have a great product and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you for providing a reliable and helpful service and product, and thank you for listening to us!

Julie Sitko - Moon Area High School - Moon, PA

Total Registration single-handedly makes the AP process 1000% simpler. I don't know what I would do without it! This is a must-have for anyone who administers AP exams. The support team is fast and so helpful and they really listen to customers' feedback and needs. I was so impressed with how quickly they adapted to the CollegeBoard changes this year (2020-2021) and were able to create formats on their platform to work seamlessly. They are the best partners in this process!

Kaitlin Sleight - Chatham High School - Chatham Township, NJ

THANK YOU TO THE AMAZING TR TEAM. It was a crazy run to the finish line and November 15th. There is absolutely NO WAY I could have pulled it off without Total Registration. You are always one step ahead of what we (AP Coordinators) need. The final CB to TR reconciliation step is so synchronized that I was able to hit SUBMIT hours before the CB deadline.


Cynthia Kelly - Acton-Boxborough Regional HS - Acton, MA

We don't know how we would have survived ordering our AP Exams today without our ability to reconcile our Total Registration and College Board data. Total Registration has been invaluable to our AP Program.

Laura and Chris - Arroyo Grande High School - Arroyo Grande, CA

Thank all of you for all you have done! Everything has been wonderful, again this year (2019-2020).

Congrats on staying ahead of the curve!

Nancy Chelgren - DuBois Area High School - DuBois, PA

I am impressed with your updates based on customer feedback. I am also impressed and grateful for your generous support. No matter how experienced I am with TR, I still run into snags sometimes, and you reply to requests for help quickly and effectively. THANK YOU.

Judith Nedell - Greenwich High School - Greenwich, CT

I really appreciate all of your support. This new change to College Board registration has been a nightmare for me, but I always know you are there to help and your help is greatly appreciated!

Linda Kimmel - Irvington High School - Fremont, CA

I highly recommend Total Registration.  I have about 500 students taking 900 exams, and I'm very good with data management so was considering just doing it myself.  But I'm so glad that I used their system.  Students register online which saves me tons of time accepting paper forms and retyping all the info into a database/spreadsheet plus any errors that might pop up.  Reports are available from school or home.  Mike Elings is very responsive and helpful too.

It really is a great system, and for around a dollar per test when you're collecting money anyway, I really can't think of any reason not to use it.

Chris Lenius - Chaska and Chanhassen High Schools - Eastern Carver County, MN

I can't tell you how happy we have been with your product. Initially I was not interested in online registration for AP but your product made it do easy! We can't wait for the new pre-printing of the student info feature!

Stacey Gorman - Mundelein High School - Mundelein, IL

This was my first time administering AP and IB exams. TR was user-friendly and the instructions were very clear. The customer support was also immediate. Creating seating charts and pulling rosters for individual exams was a great feature. Collecting registration fees, managing exam changes and balances was super easy. I am looking forward to using more features for the next academic year. I would recommend TR to all coordinators.

Jyothi Hoskere - Quarry Lane School - Dublin, CA

As a brand new coordinator, the communication has been impeccable! Responses are fast, efficient, and very helpful with links to corresponding answers. They have made my life so much easier!

Melissa Casady - Great Oak High School - Temecula, CA

I am in my third year with TR, and I am still discovering new ways to make my job easier through the system. The support staff is constantly helpful and patient. I cannot believe the ease with which I am able to organize this AP project. You never asked about registration before TR and the hours we spent having students register with paper registrations and collecting money and recording the registrations, counting and recounting before ordering. Cancellations involved writing up a refund from the business office, and alternate tests involved collecting more money. It is almost painful to remember those awful days 4 years ago.

Nancy Bennett - Hunterdon Central Regional High School - Flemington, NJ

I used to do a mail merge to make the labels for our students. I was skeptical that TR could do the labels as well as I did them. Guess what?! They were awesome! They had the exact information that I included, in the same order! I am very impressed with how well you know the needs of the AP coordinator! I LOVE that the answer sheets were put in order by exam and then by name! I just absolutely LOVE that we didn't have to re-alphabetize everything at the beginning! And the seating charts! LOVE! I am so thankful for you!!!

Angie Daurer - Huntley High School - Huntley, IL

Our school used Total Registration for the first time this year, based upon several conversations I had as AP Coordinator with Mike Elings, General Manager.  I was able to see how the registration process worked and thought that it would be worth our time trying this out. In the past, I have had students pay at our school site, and there were errors in what they were paying for.  Due to the volume of tests that our students take, accuracy is important.  I particularly liked that they could select what they wanted to pay for and that teachers could check the rosters of who had paid.  In addition, I was able to state our school policies easily so that there were no errors.  I also liked that they had to supply a working e-mail address for both student and parent (our school's e-mails that we have on file are sometimes wrong), so if I needed to contact them, I could easily. 

We will definitely be using Total Registration in the future for AP exam registration!

Caroline Rubio - Dublin High School - Dublin, CA

I would like to say thank you for your amazing system!  It has made handling AP exams so much easier!! The customer service has been impressive and the Total Registration system makes the world of a difference! THANK YOU!!

Rochelle Crook - Poudre High School - Fort Collins, CO

Total Registration is a tremendously useful service that helps eliminate the stress of ordering AP exams. The site is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and cost-efficient. It helps to centralize the ordering process in addition to providing useful tools, such as the mandatory seating charts required for AP exams. I strongly recommend Total Registration, particularly for schools with high volume exams.

Robert M. Citrano - Half Hollow Hills East High School - Dix Hills, NY

Thanks for being so easy to use and helping make my first year as AP Coordinator a pretty smooth one. I can not even imagine trying to register students with a paper registration... too much room for error. A few times when students would show up for tests and try to convince me that they had signed up, I could just look at the roster and tell them it came straight from TR and if you are not on the list, it is because you did not sign up... it worked.

Elizabeth McMillen - South High School - Minneapolis, MN

I had two students approach me this week (exams start Monday) trying to tell me they registered when they didn't. I love Total Registration. I have a print-out to show students who began the registration process but who didn't complete it as well as a report of all students who registered and how they paid (check number, online transaction, or fee waiver). I have all the proof I need. No human error on our end. You make ordering and payment and report-printing a breeze. You provide class rosters as well as summary reports. This is so much easier than doing it in-house at our school. Thank you!!!

Janet Wilson - Eugene Ashley High School - Wilmington, NC

Utilizing Total Registration is the single best thing I have done as an AP Coordinator. I cannot imagine returning to life before Total Registration. With nearly 1100 exams administered each year, Total Registration has simplified my process tremendously. Better yet, they have helped address changing College Board requirements (seating charts) and continue to ease the chaos of our AP exam administration.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you!

Brooke Parrott - West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South - West Windsor Township, NJ

I loved the ease of the system from the beginning to the end. The ease of registering online was great. The email feature to be able to contact students/parents was extremely useful. I hope that we can use online payment feature next year. Thanks so much!

Shannon O'Brien - Palatine High School - Palatine, IL

Excellent product that came at a crucial moment for our school. Support was excellent, and the tools available within the product were very good and well thought out.  I'm a fan.

Mike Hobolth - Lapeer High School - Lapeer, MI

Thank you for providing so many options with TR!

Gretchen Sartori - Plymouth High School - Canton, MI

TR's service made my first year as our school's AP Coordinator very easy and manageable. Once I got going on the service, I was always confident I knew what I needed to do and when it needed to be done. This was a huge relief navigating the cumbersome process of AP testing.

Todd Lynum - Willmar Senior High School - Willmar, MN

As a sole counselor with no AP classes and students only self-study for AP exams, I am especially appreciative of your TR product and the frequent email reminders to keep me updated and on task.

Karin Moffitt - Tempe Preparatory Acacemy - Tempe, AZ

This was my second year as the AP Coordinator and I love Total Registration! I would not have made it through my first year without using TR, and I found I needed it just as much this year. Everything works—the student registration is so easy, Total Registration collects all the money and our business office loves that part! All of the reports are very helpful, including room rosters and seating charts to print. TR also sends reminders about due dates, like when to order the tests! Everything to keep me on track. The service also emails and texts the students and parents their exam schedules as a reminder. Customer service is excellent, I always hear back within an hour or so to get answers to my questions, and they are always trying to make things easier for us. I will only run my AP exams with Total Registration!


Linda Dulmes - University School of Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI

I can't imagine doing the registration any other way now. It was scary for my anal self to jump on board and give up some control, but I have now done it for 2 years and will never go back. The biggest thing was not having to handle the money in house. Out of 485 exams, 123 were fee waiver students where some of those students have limited access to credit cards. The mail in system for those students was very easy and all of the students were serviced easily. Our bookkeeper was very happy to not have a ton of students coming in separately to pay! It also helped us stick to deadlines!

Amy Winslow - West Aurora High School - Aurora, IL

Thank you so much for all of your help this year! TR has totally cut my workload in half. No more double and triple payments, and the ability to refund immediately is immensely helpful. Thank you :)

Kimberly Asbury - Oak Park & River Forest High School - Oak Park, IL

Total Registration has been a HUGE time-saver for us.  This is my sixth year as the AP Coordinator for our school and by far the best registration/exam administration we've had, thanks to TR.

Valerie Tucker - Pleasant Valley High School - Bettendorf, IA

Thanks for being a great tool for us to use…and for always improving!

Josh Lamar - Marina High School - Huntington Beach, CA

I have used Total Registration for three years now to manage our AP exams and I honestly can't imagine doing it any other way. I find that my questions are answered very quickly and the support team is superb. It truly helps organize the many details one incurs when dealing with multiple exams and many students.

Lisa Neid - Carroll Senior High School - Southlake, TX

As a first year user of Total Registration, I must say I was very impressed with the functionality of the program.  Not having to physically collect money from students was a tremendous time saver and alleviated the bookkeeping nightmare we usually endure." 



Patricia Bergbuchler - Northport High School - Northport, NY

As the AP Coordinator of a large suburban high school, I was saved this year by Total Registration. With budget cuts to our district (as many of yours), the sole responsibility for registering, administering, and paying for AP exams falls to me. In past years, I had to create and receive the registrations, write receipts by hand, create an Excel spreadsheet, and triple check that the exam order was correct. Completing all of the above and more, Total Registration gave me time to devote to other duties and made my life less stressful at the busiest time of year in school buildings. Thank you, TR!

Mimi Dyer - Kennesaw Mountain High School - Kennesaw, GA

Thanks for the great product!  We'll look forward to working with you again next year.  You made this process FAR less stressful and prevented a few grey hairs.

Jill Karatkewicz - Westford Academy - Westford, MA

I can't imagine why anyone would want to do AP Registration in-house. The time saved was invaluable! Not having to handle payments was wonderful! Can't say enough good things!

Deb Alexander - Fossil Ridge High School - Fort Collins, CO

I am thankful for this service, so I do not have to handle money associated with AP exams!

Whitney Carpenter - Central Hardin High School - Cecilia, KY

Not only did Total Registration streamline the entire registration process, it helped me set up classroom rosters for testing, simplified the identification of free & reduced lunch students, and made my life as a coordinator 100% easier. I cannot sing the praises of Total Registration enough! I am telling everyone I know!

Brian Williams - Elkins High School - Missouri City, TX

I would have dropped dead three years ago without Total Registration Services - what a blessing it is to have you folks - you make me look like a Rock Star! Many Thanks!

Kathy Kean - Masuk High School - Monroe, CT

I appreciate so much all the new additions this year.  Every time I came across something new, my thoughts were how great this program is and how it can do everything I need!

Cathy Work - Piedmont High School - Piedmont, OK

TR is very user-friendly and provides us with all we need to successfully administer AP & PSAT exams. Thank you for your prompt support when we've had questions!

Adriana Talamantes - Claremont High School - Claremont, CA

Total Registration has made our AP process much smoother, more accurate, and less stressful for the students and our office. The seating chart option this year was truly a life-saver for us! THANK YOU for creating this amazing product and for all the support you continue to give AP Coordinators!

Danielle Beller - East Grand Rapids High School - Grand Rapids, MI

I really enjoyed working with TR people again this year. This is a great program and has saved me countless hours and levels of frustration. Thank you.

Becky Kelley - Washington High School - Sioux Falls, SD

Thank you for your services. I have only positive experiences with Total Registration and your attention to customer service.

Michele Bertola - Warren Township High School - Gurnee, IL

This is my second year as the AP Coordinator. We are also using Total Registration this year. It has been a HUGE time savings for me in the coordination process. Our school secretaries appreciated the time savings too as they would usually collect the payments. It also simplified things for parents/students to register and pay online. Through Total Registration I was also able to send an email reminder to the students about the pre-administration sessions.

I would completely recommend Total Registration!

Lynn Fischer - Kimberly High School - Kimberly, WI

I have administered AP exams for 26 years.  Total Registration is a life saver as the job of counselor has had more added to the plate.  This is quick and easy for families as well as the AP Coordinator and school staff.  I love and use the reports with ease.  Obvious by how long I've done AP, I am not a real tech person and even I find it easy to use.

Glenda Nachtrieb - Loveland High School - Loveland, CO

I love Total Registration!! It makes a very stressful time of the year bearable. I would fight long and hard if my administration tried to make me cut it from the budget.

Kerry Plesco - Plum Senior High School - Pittsburgh, PA

TR has made my life as AP Coord so much better!!!! Thank you for everything your team does to make this a wonderful experience!

Rita Uhlenhake - Norman North High School - Norman, OK

I have used this service for several years and it continues to get better and better. This service allows for accurate ordering and is extremely easy to use. Keep up the good work!!

LaVonne Stewart - Skyline High School - Longmont, CO

Keep up the good work. For a Title 1 school like mine, the F/R reports are invaluable when it's time to actually order and then create invoices through the AP registration site.  Our plan is to use TR for PSAT next year and try out the credit card payment to see how it really goes over with our parents. Thanks again for a product that really made my life easier during the craziness of second semester and all the testing I'm in charge of.

Cynthia Blinka - Lamar Consolidated High School - Rosenberg, TX

I love Total Registration.  While I am no more accurate with my ordering, it is easier to get it accurate!!  I spend WAY less time on ordering, payments, etc.  Set it and forget it!  I like that I have to approve Fee Waivers, and the reports are great.  Thank you...I will be trying the text feature next year.

Corey Anderson - Central Valley High School - Spokane Valley, WA

I absolutely LOVE Total Registration and will continue to use it. It saved me time, I got to spend more time with my family after work, and the accuracy was impeccable!!! Thank you Mike and the Total Registration staff!

Tracey Lilly - Lafayette High School - Lexington, KY

TR made my first year as our school's AP coordinator very easy and gave me the confidence to know I was getting done everything I needed.  I have nothing but gratitude for this service.

Todd Lynum - Willmar Senior High School - Willmar, MN

Every day we said, "Thank You Total Registration!"

Kristen Mancini - Carmel High School - Carmel, NY

This year we elected to use an on-line registration site ( This is a GREAT site. The kids pre-select as part of registration which pre-admin they want to sign up for. The kids register online and all the exam totals, student info, alternate exams, waivers, accommodations are all compiled via this program. You have to pay for the site but this has been a huge success and a relief for tracking all the information. The site was linked to our homepage.

All coordinators need to do is an initial set-up and the rest is done....Very smooth, Very Easy .....The data collection is automatic When you need to order exams, you can print rosters from the site and or just exam totals.

Kevin Thompson - North Allegheny Senior High School - Wexford, PA

Mike was EXTREMELY helpful and called me even after hours. There are not many businesses that will do that! I appreciated his professionalism and willingness to explain every detail and answer all of my questions thoroughly. He was very patient with my many questions (and, yes, I should have re-visited the videos more often instead of calling or emailing for help :))  I have and will continue to recommend Total Registration to my colleagues and hope to use more of the options next year. I was in charge of a few too many things this spring. I plan to get a few of those "things" off of my plate next year, so that I have time to explore the other options. Total Registration's reports were appreciated by our teachers, but some of them needed a little help setting up their account. Thank you for developing such a unique, time-saving program that meets the needs of AP Coordinators!

Carol Doherty - Edmond Memorial High School - Edmond, OK

I have to say that Doherty High School in the Springs is THRILLED with the service that you guys offer. Our AP exam registration has been a breeze this year and we love all of the reports that are available.

Sue Keller - Doherty High School - Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you for the amazing service!  I could not have imagined coordinating AP exams without all the features of Total Registration.  
TR made it very smooth and I think all the staff and students appreciated the less stressful experience than what was done previously.

Jamie Jakubowski - Westminster High School - Westminster, CA

I would just like to say again how wonderful your program is and you have helped us to save so much time and extra work! We love it!

Maria Rao - North Brunswick High School - North Brunswick, NJ

This site was very helpful! Our state has added new assessments and it helps that I am able to help the other counselors with those and am not spending all of my time on paperwork for AP exams.

Mary Pozaric - Shelby County High School - Shelbyville, KY

Thank you, love the site and service. YOU are such a big help!!!

Annemarie Carabelli - Utica High School - Utica, MI

Very helpful service. Saved me a lot of time!

Rebecca Bloomfield - Holly Springs High School - Holly Springs, NC

Using Total Registration has been a great addition for us this year! Just yesterday, we were able to complete a task that took about 4 hours last year in only about 2 hours! It has been wonderful having all of the numbers, data, payment info, etc. at our fingertips!

Randi Cialdella - Pike High School - Indianapolis, IN

This was my happiest AP year by far!!!! Thank you.

Anita Barkan - Westhill Hgh School - Stamford, CT

Thanks for making my life a little easier. I am so thankful for TR's database and service.

Melanie Raynor - Needham B Broughton High School - Raleigh, NC

Thank YOU for all the support you have given me during the entire process. I was extremely impressed by the speed during which you have always answered our queries to ensure that the registration process has gone so smoothly. It was very nice working with you on this and we extend our thanks to you and all your team.

Barbara Budd - Zurich International School - , AL

There are a lot of new reports added from when we first started with you guys. I love all of the additions. Each year, you make my job easier and testing more efficient. Especially since our testing numbers go up every year. We are expecting to give over 1600 this year. Yikes! But no worries with TR in our court.

Kathy Leuthner - Wayzata High School - Plymouth, MN

Total Registration is the easiest most efficient program/software/vendor that I have every worked with. Thank you for the convenience of Total Registration.

Gayle Keneifick - Westborough High School - Westborough, MA

Thank you so much - Total Registration saved me hours of work and kept me totally organized.  Your site made the whole AP administration so much easier for students, parents, teachers, and the coordinator (me)!  We are huge fans and will continue using TR for years to come!

Sima Misquitta - Baldwin High School - Pittsburgh, PA

Perfect! You remain to be AWESOME!!! Thank you for your prompt solutions to our school's requests.

Christy Teague - Dupont Manual High School - Louisville, KY

As a first year AP Coordinator, Total Registration saved me so much time and what I know would have been frustration that I will use the service again and again.  Every aspect of the program is easy to use! All information needed was just a click away!  Next year, I won't worry near as much since I know Total Registration will do most of the work for me.

Jackie Smith - Centennial High School - Frisco, TX

I have been the administrator overseeing the Advanced Placement testing for many years.  However, this past year we lost staffing in our counseling department and I became the AP coordinator at our site.  Along with this came the task of organizing and monitoring the actual AP testing from start to finish.  Total Registration was a great resource to use during the registration process as well as ordering the exams.  The report center was helpful in making testing room assignments.  I will be working with Total Registration again next year for our AP testing needs.

Greg Stone - Los Alamitos High School - Los Alamitos, CA

The worry over wondering if I'd tallied the exams correctly is gone! Thank you for making the process smoother for me and my students.

Whitney Schmale - Olathe East High School - Olathe, KS

We have used Total Registration for two years now and it has been an outstanding experience.  We have a large AP program and Total Registration has saved me hours since I no longer have to enter all of the test registration information on spreadsheets.  They have reports for things that you don't even realize you need, but have been very useful.  If I have any problems, questions or suggestions, they are very quick to help and respond. They are very knowledge about the AP program and very customer focused. 

 I can't ever imagine having our AP registration without Total Registration. 

Traci Nassar - Jenks High School - Jenks, OK

I used Total Registration for the first time this year.  I am now their biggest fan.  They are forward-thinking, responsive and innovative, and going online helped not only my processes, but also got our instructors more involved (they took their classes as a whole to our computer labs to sign the kids up). 

My record keeping this year is 100% accurate because of using Total Registration.  I wish I had found them earlier! 

Toby Wright - Eagle Crest High School - Centennial, CO

I definitely recommend this service; on the front end it saved me tons of time organizing and tracking data.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Penny Deck - Maggie L. Walker Governor's School - Richmond, VA

I would highly recommend Total Registration.  This was the first year (2010) we used it and it saved me hours.  Ordering online, being able to print exam lists, free and reduced lists, attendance lists; it was wonderful.

Sharon Fontana - Kamiakin High School - Kennewick, WA

It's my first year with Total Registration this year and I love it. It actually saved my fanny many times because I could access information so quickly.

Paula Emery - Lakeridge High School - Lake Oswego, OR

I really don't know where to begin with my praise for Total Registration! Quite simply, T.R. has totally streamlined and simplified the AP Exam registration process for me, for my AP teachers, and for our students. As I was setting up our account, my endless questions were answered quickly, patiently, and completely. As our exam registration window opened, students found the site extremely easy to navigate, and not one student had any problems registering. For the record, this year we have 325 students taking nearly 650 exams! The elimination of tedious paperwork was a true blessing for all of us. And the ability to generate virtually any type of report that you could ever want or need has made my "AP life" so much more efficient. The cost of this service has already paid for itself several times over!

Jeff Lukens - Roosevelt High School - Sioux Falls, SD

Total Registration saves an enormous amount of time in this huge task of running AP Exams. TR offers the credit card option to parents who appreciate that choice. The many 'user friendly' reports provided in the TR service help organize the sales process and give instant feedback when needed. Give Total Registration a try... I think you will find it worth the investment.

Raymond Hall - Poway High School - Poway, CA

Total Registration is a must have for AP Registration! The whole AP process was so much more organized with this tool. Total Registration came up with reports I didn't even know I needed but that saved me so much time! Initially when I was looking into Total Registration I was worried about the cost. With so many great features I was expecting it to be out of our budget. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. It is worth every penny!

Jenny Wander - New Richmond High School - New Richmond, WI

As a first year high school testing coordinator, at a fairly large school, I knew nothing about AP.  A fellow coordinator had used Total Registration and encouraged me to do the same.  I loved the ease of it and the reports I could run to help me with ordering, with free/reduced lunch waivers, counts, and communication with those registered.  The kids could register at their convenience and parents could pay online.  I hate to think of the record keeping I would have to do had I not used TR.  It was a life saver.

Lori Hart - Denton High School - Denton, TX

This was my first experience with Total Registration, and it was simplified by the fact that we did not use the online payment option. Without question, the Total Registration web-based registration for AP Exams produced the most accurate registration I have ever accomplished (and past registrations were good)! This translates to fewer unused exam fees.

Kudos to Wake County PSS for providing for this service, and of course, to the Total Registration Team for such an easy to use and efficient process. Hopefully, next year's AP registration will include online payment.

Ron Brown - Cary High School - Cary, NC

So far this has been an amazing program and we are extremely impressed with the quality of the website and the incredible amount of available information.

Mt. Carmel High School - Mt. Carmel High School - San Diego, CA

Our parents love the clarity and ease of the Total Registration site. The reactions of parents, students, and teachers have been extremely positive about registering online. The ability to pay using credit cards has been a boon for us!

Adlai E Stevenson High School - Adlai E. Stevenson High School - Lincolnshire, IL

Dee and I would just like to thank you for a wonderful website. We just talked and we both agree that this has made registering for the AP and collecting money so easy. Everything is on the website that we need and you have worked so well with us throughout the past couple of months. We just wish that this would have been done years ago. You are the best.


Christine Tosatto Adams - Baldwin High School - Pittsburgh, PA

We just want you to know how happy we are with the on-line registration and your amazingly quick response when we have a question. We can't even explain how much easier this has made our whole process. Also, I want you to know that other MN districts are becoming aware of this program! Because our school will offer any one of the AP exams, students from other districts are registering to take exams at our school. I have been getting calls from AP coordinators in other districts asking a lot of questions. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. We LOVE this process! 

Sue Iverson - Wayzata High School - Plymouth, MN

Your program has made our AP registration so easy.

Judy Hicks - La Porte High School - La Porte, TX

For us...this is the first year we've used TOTAL REGISTRATION (a choice I made as our new AP coordinator). I can say that it is an amazing program and has saved me an incredible amount of time in planning for our upcoming exams. It has streamlined our registration and payment processing for AP that is light years ahead of what used to be done at BHSN. While there has been a "learning curve" for us as with all new technology...I have really loved the many positive aspects of this program. It has easily organized my rosters for each exam, F/R lunch students, students with an IEP, communication with AP teachers, aligning dates/times/locations of exams, kept me up to date on unpaid exams, and SO much more. I have loved using this program and believe it will be even easier as we use it in the future.

Greg Chaffin - Bloomington HS North - Bloomington, IN

Total Registration is awesome! Mike, you are wonderful and always respond quickly to any questions we have. We always appreciate everything TR does for us!

Holly Crittenden - Overland High School - Aurora, CO

We love your service and are so happy that we used you this year. We will be continuing to use Total Registration for all AP exam registration in the future and will be using TR for PSAT in the fall. Our school is going to IB in the 2018-2019 school year and total registration is going to make ordering those exams so much smoother.

Rachel Stevenson - Colfax High School - Colfax, CA

Please keep doing what you are doing. I could never go back to AP Testing without Total Registration!!

Kerry Plesco - Plum Senior High School - Pittsburgh, PA

I truly hope the College Board becomes more accepting of the Answer Sheet Printing process. It saved me and the students a TON of time. Using the bar code scanner to record AP numbers was awesome. Not holding pre-admin sessions was awesome. Not having to spend a so much time organizing answer sheets for students with multiple exams was awesome. I tell anyone who asks that Total Registration is AWESOME!

Valerie Tucker - Pleasant Valley High School - Bettendorf, IA

The answer sheet printing feature was great... you guys are so smart!!! I am glad you thought of it!

Elizabeth McMillen - South High School - Minneapolis, MN

Overall I really liked the ease and not having to schedule a pre-administrative session. Not to mention having to follow up with kids who didn't show up.

Denise Alt - Dawson School - Lafayette, CO

The answer sheet printing feature was excellent, and we plan to use it again. Thank you!

Emily Wyse Moore - Chaska High School - Chaska, MN

Having the answer sheets pre-printed eliminated hours of pre-admin sessions, as well as eliminating incomplete answer sheets. The big and small labels were so helpful - we purchased a bar code scanner and scanned all of our AP numbers into TR.

Carolynne Allaben - East Grand Rapids High School - Grand Rapids, MI

I really liked it!! I think it saved us a tremendous amount of time. We have had to do General Directions 1 in the past, and it helped tremendously with getting the afternoon sessions started on time.

Brandi Primm - Sachse High School - Sachse, TX

I thought the process was smooth, time-saving and helped streamline the organization tremendously.

Paul Dotter - Robbinsdale Armstrong High School - Plymouth, MN

I thought the whole process was outstanding and saved me so much time, not so much in the beginning but rather in between tests and getting one student pack and answer sheet together.

James Kiger - Smyrna High School - Smyrna, DE

Thank you for doing this. It was great! It was a bit more upfront prep work than I had expected (adhering all of the labels on everything), but it was well worth it in the long run. Test day went perfectly!!

Lisa Coacher - Ballard High School - Seattle, WA

Answer Sheet Printing was a GREAT addition to the services for Total Registration! It saved us so much time on our end and reduced some of the tracking down of students we've had to do in the past to get them into a pre-admin session. The fact that the answer sheets came sorted chronologically by test alphabetically was a godsend for us since we have a LARGE number of students testing each year.

Angela Doll - Moorhead High School - Moorhead, MN

I think that the organization up front with the answer sheets helps save a TON of time at the exam. It benefits the students in that they spend less time bubbling and more focused time on the actual test.

Tracey Lanese - Horizon High School - Scottsdale, AZ

We liked the option of TR completing the pre-admin session. It saved us time and did not make us take the students out of the class so they did not miss any instructional time.

Suzanne Barrett - Parsippany Hills High School - Parsippany, NJ

Total registration makes my life easier. The addition of the seating chart feature was very helpful as was the emailing and texting of the student's schedule along with comments from myself. I could not handle AP testing without Total Registration.  Thanks so much for all you do!!

Leslie Stull - South Grand Prairie High School - Grand Prairie, TX

I LOVE getting the pre-administration completed through you. It saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy, and further simplified what is an enormous logistical task in coordinating these exams. THANK YOU!

Jesse Allgeier - Troy High School - Troy, MI

I surveyed our students and they were very happy with the pre-printed answer sheets and the elimination of "bubble day" (what we used to call pre-adminstration).

Sinead Coleman - Charles Wright Academy - Tacoma, WA

Having the student data printeed on the answer sheets made the time leading up to the exams less stressful for both the students and our staff who have had to run multiple dreaded pre-administration sessions in the past!

Julie Sekelsky - Warwick Valley High School - Warwick, NY

From what I hear from the past AP Coordinator, pre-registration used to be a giant pain. Thank you so much for providing another option!

Kaitlyn Shead - Cretin-Derham Hall - St. Paul, MN

Thank you so much for this service! It has simplified my registration and organization process immensely.

Patricia Bascomb - Pittsburg High School - Pittsburg, CA

Excellent product and excellent customer service. Keep up the GREAT work! I refer others to you constantly!

Barb Bruns - Saint Thomas Aquinas High School - Overland Park, KS

The answer sheet printing was SO helpful! I spent nearly the same amount of time I do every year, but the kids didn't get pulled out of classes for pre-gridding, and the teachers had that extra day of instruction time. I liked everything about this.

Ann Merkel - L Anse Creuse High School North - Macomb, MI

I love using TR. It has changed my life! Makes AP very manageable which is no small feat. Thank you!

Kathleen Giacini - Sandra Day Oconnor High School - Phoenix, AZ

We have used Total Registration for the past two years at Doherty High School here in the Springs.   Our process this year was even more streamlined than last year thanks to TR and their wonderful staff.  Those of us who oversee the testing at Doherty have saved COUNTLESS hours of work through the use of your service.  As always, I appreciate the quick responses that I receive from either Mike personally or your support staff when we have a question.

Sue Keller - Doherty High School - Colorado Springs, CO

I really liked scanning in the AP numbers because now when students lose their AP card or student pack over the summer they have a place to refer to and I do as well.

Virginia Snyder - Colonel Zadok Magruder High School - Rockville, MD

I used to fret and lose sleep that I did something wrong, that I missed an exam for a student, ordered the wrong exam, organized my materials incorrectly ... all that stress is GONE for this year! Moving to Total Registration was one of the best decisions we ever made. Your program is so easy to use, and I rarely had to contact support. I'm a fan!

Sharlene Sprague - Pinelands Regional High School - Tuckerton, NJ

I am absolutely blown away by this organizational system. You saved me tons of work and worry. Thank you!

Rhonda Layman - Bartlesville High School - Bartlesville, OK

This is a great service and everything is professional with easy to follow instructions. Pictures with instructions are very helpful for our visual staff!

Candice Kordis - Vista High School - Vista, CA

I greatly appreciated the support staff at TR for putting up with all my questions and emails!! You all totally rock! Thank you all for your kind and prompt response to my endless questions. Because of the great support we received, this whole process has gone so smoothly, and I constantly tell our "powers that be" that the cost involved is totally worth it!

Roseann Reynolds - Moreno Valley High School - Moreno Valley, CA

Everyone I have contacted at Total Registration has responded immediately and answered every question I have asked. It has been the best thing we ever did for our AP process to contract with Total Registration. We can't believe the amount of time and hassles we have eliminated since working with TR.

Joyce Williams - Ann Arbor Public Schools - Ann Arbor, MI

I am a huge fan of Total Registration and now of answer sheet printing. At every conference I go to with other counselors, I give a quick plug for Total Registration. Counselors who do not use your service have no idea how easy, valuable, and time saving your service is. Worth the money for now!

Michael Salladino - Garnet Valley High School - Glen Mills, PA

Answer Sheet Printing by Total Registration has been an invaluable service for me as an AP Coordinator. After years of pre-administration sessions, it absolutely thrills me when I receive the box of printed answer sheets from TR knowing how much time I have saved. Thank you!!!

Melissa Champ - LAnse Creuse High School - Harrison Township, MI

I feel very lucky we use Total Registration which has made my life as an AP coordinator SO much better.  We are glad to pay the Total Registration fee for services as I, personally, have never seen a better online service that brings together the comprehensive duties of AP coordinators in an easy-to-use format! I have truly loved my experience with APTotal Registration this year.

Greg Chaffin - Bloomington HS North - Bloomington, IN

And let me tell you what a handy dandy tool this is (in reference to room assignments/seating charts)!  I thought I would have to make up random seating charts for all my exams until I played around with your system.  Thanks for responding to the ever-changing policies of the College Board and making my life so much easier during AP exam season!

Catharine Mudd - Fruita Monument High School - Fruita, CO

Thank you for all your help during all aspects of the Total Registration process.  The one thing that really stands out about your company, are all the quick responses to my questions via email.  I thought for sure trying to send an email to receive an answer and direction when you're in the middle of any one project, would take forever.  This was not the case, all responses were immediate - with little to no down time.

Carol Anderson - Lakes Community High School - Lake Villa, IL

Total Registration is so impressive.  Ordering was simplified, and I am certain our behind-the-scenes test process will be just as smooth. THANK advance!

Maureen Meyer - Barrington High School - Barrington, IL

I run very tight guidelines with regard to AP testing, sign up, etc. This program took 100% of the sign up out of the hands of my administrative assistant. Her time was saved. Because we decided to do this so late, I had all the forms prepared/copied/etc. so I hope next year that this will be less time consuming. The part I really loved was that parents didn't try to get me to waive the late fee or make any monetary adjustments. All via the web. I loved it!

Joan Fee - Normal Community High School - Normal, IL

Total Registration's service is priceless.  The time it saves and the stress it relieves is worth its weight in gold.  We use TR for PSAT and AP, and look forward to using it for IB registration in 2015.  The ease of the TR site and support team really makes registration, correspondence, reports, accounting, and the entire process seamless. 

We Love Total Registration!

Lori Klotz - Harrison High School - Farmington Hills, MI

Wonderful product!! While our orders were as accurrate pre-Total Registration, the STRESS is gone! I don't have to double and triple check anything!

Tammy Rhye-Butler - Middle Creek High School - Apex, NC

The site and the reports are great and saves me a lot of time such as the student lists, free and reduced lunch lists, the tally reports, etc. It has been a lifesaver for me especially dealing with four small schools. Thanks for making the site user-friendly.

Leon Hines - East Wake High School - Wendell, NC

Using Total Registration is fantastic. I appreciate being able to set deadlines and being able to go in to override it when needed. It keeps track of all registrations so the students and parents cannot come back and question their registration. Being able to approve fee reductions also lets them know in a timely manner if they are eligible or not. I did notice some of the registrations were done late at night which was convenient for the students and their parents.

Karen Guenther - Billy C Ryan High School - Denton, TX

This service has been incredibly helpful to me. It has saved me a great deal of time, and it has doubled exam registration at my school. Next year my district is going to start requiring all students in AP courses to take the accompanying exam with the district paying for each exam. I hope that it is still economical enough to use Total Registration so that I have access to this wonderful organizational tool!

Sophia Mooney - West Allegheny Senior High School - Imperial, PA

THANK YOU! Wonderful product, fantastic support, and a huge time saver for myself and our district. We will happily use Total Registration next year and I will enthusiastically endorse it to anyone.

Matthew Strother - Natick High School - Natick, MA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We were thrilled with the perfect and professional level of service we received from Total Registration. Every school should partner with you!

Lisa Cerci - Lexington Christian Academy - Lexington, MA

THANK YOU FOR DOING THE PRE-PRINTED ANSWER SHEETS!!! It did save our AP teachers an enormous amount of time. We have each AP teacher complete answer sheets with their classes, and with them being printed it gave them instructional time back. It also prevented many errors because kids would always fill them out incorrectly. Keep up the great work, it did truly help with a huge job.

Lynda Hitchcock - Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School - Rockville, MD

You are a lifesaver! I would never be able to do this job without your program!

Joan Tolomeo - Enloe Magnet High School - Raleigh, NC