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AP Exam Fee Collection Provider

Since 2007, Total Registration (TR) has been the preferred AP Exam Fee Collection Provider for over 1000 schools. TR does substantially more than collect students' AP exam payments. TR's system is designed to handle the myriad of issues that are unique to AP Exams: A plethora of fee calculations, management of waivers and scholarships, late fees, cancellation fees, refunds, etc. In addition to payment processing TR provides:

  • Accurate and transparent financial tracking
  • Tools to easily communicate with students, parents, teachers, and proctors
  • Tools to simplify the exam administration

Frequently Asked Questions for AP Coordinators

Reconciling students' exam registrations to students' payments is the key to reducing the school's financial liability.

AP coordinators upload the Student Roster data file from the College Board's Enrollment System into TR. TR will automatically match the exams enrolled with the College Board to the registrations/payments made in TR. Reconciliation ensures that all the tests the school is ordering have been paid for by each student. This reconciliation process saves staff countless hours by removing the need to match students between two systems exam-by-exam, name-by-name.

Every school has a dedicated registration/payment site with a unique URL.

TR has an extensive suite of communications tools all available at the click of a button:

  • Email/Text all students and parents regarding unpaid balances
  • Email students regarding discrepancies between payments and their exam enrollment
  • Provide students with their join codes necessary to enroll their courses/exams in the College Board's system
  • Email/Text Students their AP exam schedule including the testing location and time to report
  • Generate a Registration Letter Template containing the school's registration details to use on the school's website, in emails, newsletters, to be handed out in class, etc.
  • Email students taking a particular exam
  • Email Teachers their exam rosters to review
  • Email Proctors their exam assignments
  • . . . And Much More

TR provides quick support to coordinators, teachers, students and parents through our online help center, Users can search for an instant answer to their question in our online help center as well as submit a support ticket.

TR mails checks to schools/districts for the payments collected. Schools select how often they are to receive checks and real-time access reports of student payments, refunds, fees, etc. included in each payment, providing complete financial transparency.

TR can handle a large variety of fee calculations. Schools have full control over their exam fees, waivers, late fees, and cancellation fees, as well as their particular deadlines. Some of the Fee Calculation options available are:

  • Discount exams based on the number of tests, e.g., the first exam is free or reduced, or the discounts increase as the student takes more tests
  • Discount exams based on the particular test, e.g., STEM exams are at no cost
  • Discount a certain number of particular exams, e.g., the first STEM exam is free
  • Discount test based on a family's income status. During registration, students self-report their status that requires staff approval before waivers are applied
  • Students can request scholarships/financial assistance that is approved by school staff
  • Discounts can be provided based on a response to a custom question of the school's choosing. e.g., did you participate in the Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

Schools can allow families to make partial payments. When schools allow partial payments, they have control over the minimum allowable payment as well as deadlines for the initial payment and final payment.

Families have two options for paying their AP exam fees:

  • Pay online with a Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit Card using a computer, tablet or phone
  • For families that are unable or do not desire to pay online, they can mail a check or money order.

All information is collected and transferred through a secure, SSL protected connection. TR does not retain any sensitive cardholder information such as card number, expiration date, security code.

TR charges schools a fee per exam for the system as well as a transaction fee based on the amount students pay. Service fees vary from $1.87/exam down to $1.00/exam with applied quantity discounts (e.g. Multiple Schools in District Discount, Multi-Service when schools use two or more of our exam registration services). Please request an estimate for your school here.

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