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AP Exam Registration Service

Save Time

Save 120+ Staff Hours

More than 1,000 client schools report Total Registration’s Online AP Exam Registration Service saves, on average, 120+ hours of staff time.  Further, the service also improves data and exam order accuracy, reduces stress and eliminates menial tasks.

Our custom solution has students register themselves online for their school's Advanced Placement exams, saving the school a tremendous amount of time while increasing the accuracy of the school's exam order. Coordinators can access a myriad of reports at the click of a button.

10 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating our 10th year of simplifying the AP exam registration.  For 10 years Total Registration learned from experience and the valuable feedback from hundreds of schools to create new features and improvements - each and every year. This year for example, Total Registration added a feature that printed student information directly onto the answer sheet, removing the need for pre-administration sessions. 

We have reason to celebrate, during our first 10 years, Total Registration has had more than 1.75 Million students successfully register themselves online for nearly 3.5 million exams.