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AP Coordinator Responsibilities

Communicating with Students, Parents, Teachers, and Proctors


School staff must effectively communicate their AP processes, registration status, schedules, room assignments, etc. with students, parents, teachers, and proctors.

  • Ensure that all AP stakeholders understand the process, deadlines, expectations, schedule, etc.
  • Ensure all students can take the exams they desire
  • Reduce confusion and stress


There are a couple of ways that schools commonly communicate all the essential information to families:

  1. Have the classroom teachers share the information with students in class.
  2. Use email, school website, and newsletters to communicate directly with families, teachers, and proctors.

In addition to general exam day information, schools will communicate each student's unique information (exam schedule, room assignments, balance due, etc) to both the student and the student's guardian.

  • Using Teachers
    • Teachers have a lot on their plate and often forget to share communications. Sometimes teachers do not feel the particular messages are essential.
    • Coordinators cannot control the message or the timing.
    • If a student is absent, they may miss crucial communication.
  • Email families directly
    • Creating various email lists is time-consuming.
    • Sending personalized emails, e.g., student's individual, exam schedule with room assignments, student's balance due, etc., is complicated and tedious.


Total Registration (TR) has developed a myriad of tools for AP Coordinators to communicate easily and directly in an organized manner with students, parents, teachers, and proctors, all at the click of a button.

A Better Way
  • Send emails and texts at the click of a button.
  • Communicate to a wide variety of different lists.
  • Lists are created automatically by the system.
  • Send communications with information unique to all students at the click of a button.

The first column below contains a list of some of the emails that can be sent through TR. The following two columns are the lists available under "Email/Text Particular Students/Teachers/Proctors".

  • Email/Text Particular Students/Teachers/Proctors
  • Balance Due Email
  • Email Teachers Rosters
  • Email Proctor Assignments
  • Remind Students Email Used in Past
  • Email Exam Day Schedule to Students
  • Email students who indicated they are in an AP course but not the AP exam
  • Email Students Their AP ID
  • All Students
  • In a particular Grade Level
  • Taking a Particular Exam
  • Alternate Exams
  • Dropped/Canceled Exams
  • Students w/Pending Cancellation Requests
  • Students w/More Than One Exam on a Day
  • Paid in Full
  • Are Non-Students (Non-Attenders)
    • Registered Before/After a Particular Date
    • Free/Reduced Lunch Students
    • Responded to a Custom Quest. in a Particular Way
    • Standard Question Report
    • Students with Accommodations
    • Students Pending F/R Approval
    • All AP Teachers linked to an exam
    • All Proctors Assigned to an exam/room

    Many of TR's communication tools allow schools to send an email to a group of students, with each student receiving a unique email. AP Coordinators even can elect to have a draft of each email with a list of the recipients set to them. For example, this is how schools using TR send a Balance Due email to only students with a balance due, providing each student's specific balance:

    Compose Balance Due Email

    The utility above sends all students a personalized email. For example, below is an email a student received:

    Balance Due Email Example

    Another example is TR's "Email Exam Day Schedule to Students" utility which sends each student their individual schedule plus any information schools want to include, such as expectations, what to bring to the test, what is permitted in the testing room, etc. This will even include the student's assigned rooms if the school used TR's room assignment functionality. Here's a screenshot of composing this email to all students:

    Compose Exam Schedule Email

    Below is an example of a personalized schedule a student receives:

    Exam Schedule Example

    The final example is TR's utility, which emails all proctors their individualized assignments as a PDF. This includes the date, time, exam, number of students, and the location/room. Below is an example of the utility to compose this message. As with all the other communication utilities, schools have complete control over the body of the email:

    Compose Proctor Schedule Email

    Below is an example of a personalized AP Exam schedule a proctor receives:

    AP Exam Proctor Schedule Email Example

    The final screenshot is the PDF that the proctor received as an attachment to the email:

    AP Exam Proctor Schedule PDF