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AP Coordinator Responsibilities

Managing Sections and Distributing Join Codes


Schools must configure their courses/exams, teachers, and sections in the College Board's (CB) system. Once sections are created, schools receive join codes that must be distributed to students so they can enroll in AP Classroom and enroll in the exam.

  • Sections must be created for exams/teachers to receive join codes.
  • Students need their unique join codes to enroll in AP Classroom and enroll for the AP exam.
  • Schools can only order AP exams for students who enrolled in the exam in CB's system.


Schools can have either the AP teachers or the AP Coordinator configure the courses/exams/sections. Total Registration (TR) strongly recommends that the coordinator set up the sections for the following reasons:

  • Teachers can be inconsistent with their section naming conventions, confusing students, parents, and coordinators.
  • It takes a while for all the sections to be configured, as some teachers may not feel any urgency in creating sections.

TR also recommends using publicly known labels such as the period or block name, something familiar to the students. For example, if a school has seven periods, and Biology is taught by Ms. Kathy Jones periods 3 and 5, you would create two sections: "Period 3" and" Period 5". Schools should also use a different period names for sections taught only the second semester. For example, "2nd Semester - Period 1".

Commonly, schools have the classroom teachers distribute the correct join code to each of their classes at the beginning of the school year. Some savvy schools will communicate with each student providing all the student's join codes at one time, allowing students to enroll for all their AP courses/exams in one sitting.

  • Section names are not consistent when multiple users create the sections.
  • The terminology "section name" is not commonly used by schools.
  • Teachers may be slow to create sections, especially if they are not using AP Classroom.
  • Teachers will not distribute all join codes simultaneously, requiring students to enroll multiple times their courses/exams in CB's system.
  • Some students may be absent when the join codes are distributed.
  • Teachers may distribute the wrong join code to students (forget to update each section).


When schools configure TR, they link teachers and periods to each exam. They also enter/upload the appropriate join code for each exam/teacher/period. When students register in TR, they choose their exam, teacher, and period. Each student receives the join codes for their courses/exams. This accurately provides students with ALL their join codes at one time, allowing them to enroll in ALL their AP courses/exams in CB in a single sitting. TR even gives clear directions on how to use their join codes in CB's system.

A Better Way
  • Join codes can be uploaded when exams are configured in TR.
  • TR provides join codes to students for their exams.
  • TR will even provide students join codes for courses students are not intending to take the test.
  • TR will automatically provide join codes for students taking independent study or testers that are non-attenders if you choose to allow outside students to sit for exams.

Below are a few examples of what the process looks like in TR

Schools create a library of periods they can use for any exams:

Admin View School configures periods

When students register, they choose their exam/course, teacher and period:

Student View Student selects their teacher and period while choosing an exam/course

The confirmation page of the registration provides the student with their join codes and directions on how to enroll in CB's MyAP. The example below is for a student who registered for two AP Exams and indicated they have a third class for which they are not taking the exam. Join codes are provided for all three:

Student View Student Confirmation page includes join codes

Students can view their unique set of join codes at any time by logging in to their TR, student account:

Student View Student can access their unique join codes at any time