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Survey Results: AP Coordinator Compensation, Support, and Opinions

This spring, we surveyed AP coordinators to understand their feelings regarding being an AP Coordinator. Over 450 AP coordinators (over 95% are current AP Coordinators that do not use Total Registration's service) provided their feedback through this survey.


Coordinators responding to the survey either were most likely to have 5 or more of years experience (33%) or they were 1st-year coordinators (29%), and they expect to fulfill the coordinator duties again next year (89%). 

On average, coordinators administer 606 exams and are at schools requiring students to pay at least some portion of AP exam fees (65%) and give the students a choice to sit for exams (58%)

Coordinator Experience

Coordinators described their experience in their own words and indicated their agreement with a series of descriptors.  Regardless of years as coordinator, compensation or support, respondents stated that their role was time-consuming and challenging, as shown in the responses below:

Responses to: Q7 - When reflecting on your experience as AP Coordinator, what 5 words come to mind?

Word Cloud

Five words in greater frequency than all other words. Next to the word is the number of occurrences and the percentage of respondents that mentioned the word.

  • Time-Consuming - 137 (35%)
  • Stressful - 94 (24%)
  • Overwhelming - 59 (15%)
  • Organization- 58 (15%)
  • Frustrating - 39 (10%)

Responses to: Q8 - Please indicate your agreement with the following statements.  I find the role of AP Coordinator to be...

Neither Agree
or Disagree
Rewarding 13.73% 32.12% 28.50% 12.18% 13.47%
Stressful 55.32% 34.55% 5.97% 2.60% 1.56%
Enjoyable 7.87% 25.46% 28.87% 20.73% 17.06%
69.09% 24.68% 5.19%0.52% 0.52%
Important 60.62% 26.94% 9.59% 1.55% 1.30%
Frustrating 28.39% 38.28% 17.71% 10.42% 5.21%
Satisfying 13.02% 30.21% 30.21% 13.80% 12.76%
Overwhelming 36.10% 37.40% 16.36% 8.31% 1.82%

Five words that resonated strongly with AP Coordinators, having a high level of agreement (strongly or somewhat agree).

  • Time Consuming (94%)
  • Stressful (89%)
  • Important (87%)
  • Overwhelming (73%)
  • Frustrating (67%)

Coordinator Compensation

While the coordinator's responsibilities are reported to be extensive, only a small proportion of coordinators are directly compensated financially (<25%).  Surprisingly, respondents that were compensated did not significantly differ from those who were not in their experience as a coordinator.

Coordinator Challenges

Responses to: Q9 - Which AP Coordinator duties do you find most challenging?

Here's a list of some of the most commonly mentioned challenges. Total Registration assists schools with the issues in bold:

  • Finding proctors
  • Proctor/Room assignments
  • Payment collection and financial tracking
  • Difficulty navigating MyAP/College Board's website
  • Communicating with teachers, students, and families, including disseminating join codes to students along with instructions for joining MyAP Classroom
  • Technical difficulties/issues, especially with world languages
  • Verifying students pay for exams they plan to take
  • Exam-day organization, including accommodations for SSD students
  • Identifying exam conflicts and rescheduling exams to an alternate date
  • Shipping exam materials back to College Board

Coordinator Support

The most likely support for coordinators was reported as extra staff support (57%) and accounting/bookkeeping (37%).  Coordinators reported using other IT tools to complete their duties, including spreadsheets, like Google Sheets (69%) and Excel (50%) as well school information systems (43%) and school IT support (34%).


It is clear from the survey results that the essential duties of being an AP Coordinator are time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming. Most AP coordinators' responsibilities are above and beyond what they were hired to do (they have "real jobs"). While coordinators are unlikely to receive financial compensation for their role, many engage additional staff and technological support to assist with their duties.

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