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Concerns Over AP Exam Ordering Deadlines

AP Coordinators, teachers, students and parents are ALL concerned about the Fall AP Exam Ordering deadlines and $40.00/exam late and cancellation fees coming in 2019-2020.

Pre-Identified AP Answer Sheets

Total Registration's Online AP Exam Registration Service now includes Pre-Printed AP Answer Sheets, removing the need for the dreaded, time-consuming Pre-Administration Sessions. Schools using this feature last year reported saving on average 20 staff hours and 45 minutes per student. Schools and students reported no issues with AP score access in July. Learn more about Pre-Identified Answer Sheets.

AP Exam Service Take a Look

Take a couple of minutes to view our short AP Service video overview. Here you can see how simple AP Exam Registration can be.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may want to make the video full screen and increase the resolution (720p).

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