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2023 AP Exam Score Distributions

Trevor Packer, Head of AP for the College Board, is tweeting the 2023 AP Exam Score Distributions. Total Registration is once again compiling these score disributions along with Trevor's insightful comments. You can view this year's score distibutions as well as all those since 2011 at We will add the score distributions for exams as they are released.

AP Coordinator Compensation, Support, and Opinions Survey Results

Over 450 AP Coordinators recently responded to our AP Coordinator Compensation, Support, and Opinions Survey.
Would it surprise you to learn when AP coordinators are asked, "When reflecting on your experience as AP Coordinator, what 5 words come to mind?" that the top five words are: Time-Consuming, Stressful, Overwhelming, Organization, and Frustrating?
Did you know that most AP coordinators do not receive any additional compensation for their extra duties?

View the highlights of the survey responses here. You can also access a report of the full survey results.

Tools to Help AP Coordinators with Fall AP Exam Ordering

Total Registration has added several tools to help with issues created by the College Board's fall AP exam ordering deadline:

  • Financial Reconciliation - Reconcile students' payments/waivers to CB enrollment.
  • Join Code Distribution - TR will distribute to students all the join codes they need for their unique courses.
  • Late Fee Management - Assess late fees to late registrations for students in 1st semester or all your courses while allowing a different late fee schedule 2nd semester courses.

These new tools are on top of the existing TR tools/features:

  • Financial Tracking - Keep track of fees, waivers, scholarships, payments, refunds, etc.
  • Payment Processing (AP Exam Fee Collection Provider) - TR can handle all the families' payments, refunds, etc.
  • Communications - Communicate with Students, Parents, Teachers and Proctors
  • Exam Organization - Keep Track of Accommodations, Room Assignments, Generate Seating Charts (random at the click of a button)

AP Exam Service Take a Look

Take a couple of minutes to view our short AP Service video overview. Here you can see how simple AP Exam Registration can be.

Depending on the speed of your Presenter connection, you may want to make the video full screen and increase the resolution (720p).

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