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AP* Exam Registration Service

Save Time

Save 120+ Staff Hours

Schools report Total Registration’s Online AP Exam Registration Service saves, on average, 120+ hours of staff time.  Further, the service also improves data and exam order accuracy, reduces stress and eliminates menial tasks.

Our custom solution has students register themselves online for their school's Advanced Placement exams, saving the school a tremendous amount of time while increasing the accuracy of the school's exam order. Coordinators can access a myriad of reports at the click of a button.

Since 2007, Total Registration has registered more than 4 Million students for over 8 Million AP Exams at 1000+ schools . The past couple of years more than 15% of the AP exams were registered for through Total Registration.

New Tools to Help AP Coordinators with Fall AP Exam Ordering

During the past two years, Total Registration has added new tools to assist schools with the new issues caused by the College Board's changes to the AP Exam Ordering process:

  • Financial Reconciliation - Reconcile students' payments/waivers to CB enrollment.
  • Join Code Distribution - TR will distribute a student all the join codes for all a student's courses/exams.
  • Late Fee Management - Set up two indpendent late fee schedules. One for the classes that begin prior to Nov 13, 2020 (Full-Year or 1st Semester) and one for the classes that begin after Nov 13 (2nd Semester Courses).

In addition to these new tools awe have our existing tools/features:

  • Financial Tracking - Keep track of fees, waivers, scholarships, payments, refunds, etc.
  • Payment Processing - TR can handle all the families' payments, refunds, etc.
  • Communications - Communicate with Students, Parents, Teachers and Proctors
  • Exam Organization - Keep Track of Accommodations, Room Assignments, Generate Seating Charts (random at the click of a button) ,Organizational Labels
  • . . . and much, much more