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AP Coordinators - Tired of the B.S. (Bubble Sheet)?

Ho much student and staff time is wasted bubbling the student demographic information on the Advanced Placement Answer Sheet every year?

1,241,276 Hours of Student Time 24,825 Hours of Staff Time

Since "Time is Money", how much does the bubbling waste cost?

$7,152,341.00 - Cost of Student Time $496,680.00 - Cost of Staff Time

Please Download or View our infographic to see how these figures were calculated. We also have a thorough explanation of the figures here.

Great News! Escape the B.S!

What if students did not need to bubble their information on the bubble sheet? Total Registration, providers of online AP Exam Registration since 2007, will make it a reality for the 2017 AP Exams. School’s using TR’s online AP Exam Registration Service will have their student data printed directly on the answer sheets.  Remove the dreadful, outdated pencil coding of the student info forever by signing up for the AP Exam Registration Service today.

How it Will Work:

  • Students provide information during online registration
  • Schools order exam materials from the College Board
  • Schools receive exam materials from the College Board
  • Schools ship TR an answer sheet for every student via pre-paid label
  • TR prints/bubbles the student information directly on the answer sheet
  • TR ships printed answer sheets and additional labels to schools

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Tell Your Friends

TR is committed to this process and wants to pass on this exceptional value at a low cost. Thus, the more schools that commit to using the service, the greater the savings.  TR needs 1,000 schools to sign up for the new process to be most economical.  Pass on the word so other schools enjoy getting rid of the B.S. while saving time and money.