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Concerns Regarding College Board's AP Exam Ordering Changes

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The College Board has announced that beginning in the 2019-2020 school year students will be required to order their AP exams by mid-November and after that there will be $40/exam late fees and cancellation fees. This deadline is more than four months earlier than the current deadlines required for the AP Exams held in May and has signficantly higher late/cacnellation fees. The story thus far:

  • College Board announces major changes to the ordering timeline, late fees and cancellation fees. Learn about the changes.
  • Total Registration surveys AP Stakeholders, coordinators, teachers, students and parents, regarding changes. Take the survey.
  • 9 out of 10 AP Stakeholders indicate the changes are not beneficial for students. View the survey results.
  • Many AP Stakeholders surmise the reason for change is to make the College Board more money. View the survey results.
  • Total Registration researches the College Board's finances. View the report.

Worried About the Changes? Take Action!

Many AP Stakeholders are avoiding complicity by demanding the College Board not implement the proposed changes by signing and circulating a petition,

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