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Here are some common questions asked about Total Registration's services.  If you have questions not addressed here, please contact us.

Why use Total Registration? Print
General Questions
Schools that have used our service have mentioned that they will never go back to the "old" way of registering kids by hand or having the teachers determine who is taking the tests. Here are some of the reasons they give:
What is the cost of the service? Print
General Questions

The cost of the service varies according to many factors. The largest determination would be how many tests your school gives and how much customization we would need to do. We always give a firm fixed price upfront. Please use our "Request Pricing" form to let us know your specific needs.  With this information, we can give you a bid for the entire process. In general, costs range from $1.30 to $0.40 per exam.

Can your AP registration service save our school money? Print
General Questions

There is a good chance that Total Registration can save you money. There are three main reasons that schools can not manage the AP* exams with the money from test fees:

  • Some schools do not know if students have paid. We make it very easy to record payment for each student. A test is not ordered until a student has paid (or arranged for a fee waiver). This assures you that each student is paid.
  • Many schools order "extra" tests to be sure that they do not run short on test day. The only reason to do this is if you are not confident in your records. Our service is very organized, so you will always know how many tests you need to order. Every unused test that you order and have to return costs you $13.00. This can quickly use up your portion of the test fee.
  • If you do not have enough tests on test day you need to order tests for alternate testing which again will cost you significantly more. With our service you can be confident that you know who is taking what test, and who has paid.

Schools that use our service have not had to use any of their general fund to organize and proctor the AP exams. In fact, they use the test fees to :

  • Pay coordinators for their time in organizing testing.
  • Pay teachers for proctoring.
  • Pay for substitutes to cover classes while teachers proctor.
  • Rent space on test days when there isn't any space in the school.
Our school has a certain "style". Can it be matched? Print
General Questions

No problem. Total Registration can customize it all. We can design the page to resemble your school's website, using your graphics, fonts and colors. Check out "Samples of Our Service" to see what we have done.

We have our own special database. Can we import the data into it? Print
General Questions

We can export data for you in the format necessary to import into your database. You will then be able manipulate the registrations in any way you desire.

What if I don't have any database experience? Print
General Questions

Leave the database to us. We provide a secure login page that allows you to run the reports you need to order tests and check on the accuracy of registration. We have created a large a number of useful reports and utilities. Check out our online demo to get a good idea of what we offer. Don't see something you need, let us know as we can often times create a report to meet your needs.


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