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AP Coordinators - Get Your Pre-Identified Answer Sheets

Pre-Printed Answer Sheets is a feature that was added to Total Registration’s popular AP Exam Registration Service last year.  Student data is printed directly onto the AP Answer Sheets, completely removing pre-admin sessions and “hand bubbling” of student demographic information.

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How's It Work?

  • Students provide information during online registration
  • School orders exam materials from the College Board
  • School receives exam materials from the College Board
  • School ships TR an answer sheet for every student via pre-paid label
  • TR machine prints the student information directly on the answer sheet
  • TR ships pre-organized, printed answer sheets and AP Student Pack labels to the school
  • Students use the pre-printed answers sheets the same way they would use sheets if the school held a pre-admin session

Are You Positive This Will Work?

Good News! Total Registration successfully printed answer sheets for 155,000 students at 375 schools for the 2017 AP exams and sheets for 375,000 students at 786 schools for the 2018 AP Exams. Schools reported the process was smooth and there were no issues with score access for schools nor students. In 2017, the process saved school staff on average 20 hours and 45 minutes per student.

How Much Do Pre-Identified Answer Sheets Cost?

The pre-printed answer sheets are one of the many features included in our AP Exam Registration Service. There is no additional fee for the pre-printed answers sheets. Total Registration even covers the shipping costs. Request a Quick, no obligation estimate here.

Can I Get Pre-Printed Answer Sheets Any Other Way?

No. Pre-identified student answer sheets are only available through Total Registration as part of our AP Exam Registration Service.

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